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Friday, August 5, 2011

Week In Review

This week has been busy for a number of people in a number of countries. 108 terror related bombings, which include those that were hoaxes and those which were found prior to detonation. The targets of these attacks include police, students, medical facilities, transit centers, and the like. Some of the bombings were dual attacks; that is to say, there was a second bomb timed to go off during the first responders arrival. One large attack in Iraq this week was timed to blow up people who were simply cashing their checks.

Syrian bodies, I presume Syrians, were reportedly being dumped into the ocean for disposal. Isn’t this some sort of environmental issue?

All these years later and people are still getting mysterious powders mailed in envelopes, why? Because fear works; that is the point of terrorism, to cause fear for a political gain.

Of course the United Nations is going to say nothing and do less in the wake of the attacks this week. The largest voting bloc in the UN is the OIC, the Organization of Islamic Countries; a group that has infiltrated and adopted its own policies which are contrary to all the principles of America. Yet, America still pays more than 25% of the UN operating budget and has paid to Middle Eastern states (which comprise the OIC) $33,486,000,000. That is nearly thirty three and a half BILLION dollars paid into the coffers of our enemies. That number, as shocking and sickening as it is, is only the tip of the iceberg.

The member states of the OIC are also U.N. members. Doesn’t this create a situation in which some states are represented twice while other member states are represented by one person?

The OIC has stood in the way of the US led Global War on Terror in many ways. One is by maintaining ccontradictions between OIC's and other U.N. member’s legal definition of terrorism. This has stymied efforts at the U.N. to produce a comprehensive convention on international terrorism.

In 2008 OPEC/OIC states have received $11,734,000,000 US Tax Dollars. I don’t know about you, but I want to identify the elected representatives who insist on these monies being paid, and firing them. Those reps should not even be eligible for their ”pension” after doing this. That is just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

Korea is in charge of the U.N. Office of Disarmament and the head of the Iranian Guard Corps is now the president of OPEC. A gross and I do mean ‘gross’ violator of disarmament principles, human rights, and an armed psychopath who has threatened America with unprovoked nuclear attacks is now in charge of policing the world’s weapons.

The price of gas is only going to get worse. I really cannot summarize the threats illustrated by Wiki-Leaks which I posted earlier this week. I expect that Obama is going to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline project. All those jobs, union members and non-union alike, are going to not happen.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has been busy ethnically cleansing itself. Enjoy the return on the investment of $963,000,000 dollars in 2008 in Pakistan.

The question is what now? What do we do now? We stop the leaks. Those bills, laws, acts, all that leaad to sending our money to our enemies need to be repealed, and the wirters/supporters removed. If the people who are in leadership positions can not love, honor, and respect this country and her citizens then they have no right being in those leadership positions.

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