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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week In Review, August 19

Due to technical and health issues, this one is a day behind. Late, but still here, The Week In Review

Sanctioned Murder Honor Killings and Child Soldiers
These are, and will continue to be, a regular topic. Until they love their children more than they hate us, there will be no peace with the Middle East.

While I was working, and writing this past week, authorities in NJ charged a Pakistani muslim, Kashif Parvaiz, with having his wife murdered. He claims that his now dead wife had spoke badly about the family. So, for honor, he had her killed. What rot! He murdered his wife because he was angry and offended that a woman should use her freedom of speech in America to voice her complaints.

It has continued and will continue even likely increase in America.

Child Soldiers
I am going to also include Theft of Aid in this portion as this week it turns out to all pertain to Somalia. Yes, there are child soldiers being used in Sudan. That is coming up as Sudan is a heap of its own. We have sent trillions of dollars to aid agencies, through development, other donations, as well as direct government payments from the US to Somalia. This has been going on since before the fall of the Siadd Barre regime. We are paying to have aid sent into an area where the government steals it for its own use. Stolen aid is sold openly in the market place. Aid is extorted from refugees who then watch their children get recruited into al-Shabaab.

While we are squeezing dimes to but our own food and gas to take care of our needs, our government wants to raise our taxes higher in order to send more money to states like Somalia; to pay for more child soldiers. How do Somalis thank the generosity of Americans? Do you recall two weeks ago when three Somalis tried to get a fake bomb onto an airplane? I do.

UNPotence, the Impotence of the Aged
Human Rights Watch wrote "far from condemning repression, Ban sometimes went out of his way to portray oppressive governments in a positive light". China, Burma, Sri Lanka have benefited from Mr Ban's lax hand. UN Peacekeepers have been involved in rape, torture, and extortion themselves.
With the most powerful voting bloc in the UN being Islamic, what else is going on that the power base in the UN would want us to not see?
Attacks on Churches
  • Egypt: Muslims angered by the installation of a church bell—under Sharia, churches must not offend Muslims by ringing bells—went on a violent spree, attacking among others a 5-month pregnant Christian woman and others who were “beaten with iron rods and pipes.”
  • Indonesia: Christians were forced out of a church building and hounded even as they tried to worship at the side of the road.
  • Nigeria: Two churches were bombed simultaneously; at least three Christians died, several were injured.
  • Pakistan: Under accusations of “blasphemy,” and with the help of a local politician, Muslims attempted to annex a Christian hospital established in 1922 by missionaries.
  • Tanzania: Muslims burned down two churches to cries of “away with the church—we do not want infidels to spoil our community,” and vows not to befriend “infidels.”
Sexual Abuse of Christian Women and Misogyny:
  • Egypt: Muslims “severely sexually harassed” a Christian woman in front of her husband at a bus terminal; when her husband tried to defend her honor, he was violently beaten.  Soon afterwards, thousands of Muslims in the region began looting and torching Christian property, screaming “Allahu Akbar!” and “cursing the cross.”  Also, a Muslim ring using sexual coercion to convert Christian girls was exposed.
  • Pakistan: Newlyweds run for their lives, because the man is Christian, the woman Muslim.  Under Sharia, the leader of the household, the man, must be Muslim.  Says a Pakistani Muslim scholar: “I condemn this marriage, I call it illegal, these two could be killed for what they did.”
Apostasy and Proselytizing
  • Iran: A Christian pastor faces the death penalty for “convert(ing) to Christianity” and “encourag(ing) other Muslims to convert to Christianity.” Even if he is found innocent of apostasy, the charge of evangelizing Muslims will still carry a severe penalty.
  • Saudi Arabia: A captured Christian pastor is set to be deported to Muslim Eritrea, where he faces the death penalty.
General Killing of Christians
  • Ivory Coast: Muslims crucify two Christian brothers on “the example of Christ” and in accordance to Koran 5:33: “The pair were badly beaten and tortured before being crudely nailed to cross-shaped planks by their hands and feet with steel spikes.”

Foreign Aid
Yet, again, we continue to raise taxes on Americans in order to send that money to our enemies, like China.
"We started looking at the contracts and it was rather amazing that the No. 1 recipient of these taxpayer dollars were Chinese-state owned corporations," said Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, referring to $320 million dollars worth of U.S. government contracts let to China. "I think we can take a good hard look where we're giving foreign aid."
The U.S. provided $47 million in "development aid" to China in 2010, even though the nation is already a military and economic giant and the world's only other true superpower.

Sudan no longer terroristic, but still terrifying
Clinton and Obama are now in the 45 day process to remove Sudan from the list of Sponsors of terrorism. This is still a genocidal state, mind you. South Sudan has oil, bit deal. North Sudan has buddied up with Iranian president Mahnood Ahmedinijad, who slaughtered his people in 2009. By coming off that list, North Sudan is going to be able to purchase some “restricted” technologies and items. What do you want to bet these will go straight to Iran? These items are just as likely to be used against the South Sudanese people. The people of Darfur will regret this decision of Obama.

Thank Obama
The Middle East has long been annoyed that the West exists. The status quo of “Buy our oil and we will be kind to your face” has changed. No longer does the East see the West in that light. They see the West as the next errant servant who needs to step into line behind the East. I say they always have, but until now, had not the gall or courage to say it. Why do they have the courage to say it now? Because they see Obama as powerless, impotent, and completely ineffective and, as our leader, this is also how they see America and all Americans. Make no mistake, the East and the West are diametrically opposed. We are each other's antithesis.

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