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Monday, August 8, 2011

From Tiananmen to Syria

Bashar al-Assad is now entering his fifth month of sending armed security apparatus into the streets of Syrian cities. The apparatus are reported to include snipers, armed police, army personnel, and tanks. It appears that more than 250 armored vehicles and tanks have been deployed to quell, quiet, stamp out the people who are simply asking to be treated as humans. Humans that, as we hold, have certain inalienable rights, and are demanding to be treated better than what they have been getting.

The oil capital of Syria, Deir al-Zor, was laid siege to by columns of tanks from four directions. In Prijedor, Bosnia when tanks surrounded the city this was called genocide. In 1989 in Tiananmen Square, when the Chinese army (tanks included) opened fire and killed up to 800. In these events even the United Nations body of impotence spoke out (nearly immediately) against atrocities that they termed genocidal. The Main Stream Media outlets in America covered the tanks rolling over students in Tiananmen Square.  What now?

The Arab League called for Kaddafi to step down. Then they called for UN sanctions. Then, they called for the UN and the US to do something. The UN insisted that military action, or something, be under taken. It all reminded me of that scene in Space Balls when Dark Helmet picked up the microphone to the intercom and desperately shrieked “Do something!”

Even though the Arab League, which in my opinion is one of the largest collections of villains outside of the UN, has not yet called for international intervention, they have discussed the situation. They seem to feel that al-Assad is a more important power broker than Kaddafi.  Syria has produced more oil than Libya. Al-Ass ad is seen as more of a power broker. This means that there are more oil revenues coming into the AL, OIC, and OPEC from Syria then Libya. The lives and well being of the people do not matter as much as the oil money. For now, the Injustice League will ask that America stay out of the issue. Didn’t Ahmedinijad warn the US to stay out of its affairs while machine gunning its own people in the streets two years ago? Yes, I thought so.

 It appears now that there are fears of a bloodbath. Tanks have been deployed, snipers are shooting people, and reports indicate that more than 2,000 people are dead. At what point does this outrageous reign of murder become a bloodbath?
At what point does it become clear that al-Assad defending himself and his actions as defending the people is insanity? When do our leaders to either crap or get off the pot? Rest easy, peace loving Americans! Our Fierceless Leader is, at this very moment, coming up with an unenforceable and forceless plan that will accomplish nothing while more people die.
You see, Obama is going to issue a Presidential Directive to establish an Atrocities Prevention Board that will be an early-warning system, of sorts, that will alert the world to coming genocides. What will this board have in its arsenal to prevent such atrocities? Other than denying leaders of countries already committing genocide against its their own citizens a Visa, we can only guess.

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