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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank Obama

The Middle East has long been annoyed that the West exists. The status quo of “Buy our oil and we will be kind to your face” has changed. No longer does the East see the West in that light. They see the West as the next errant servant who needs to step into line behind the East. I say they always have, but until now, had not the gall or courage to say it. Why do they have the courage to say it now? Because they see Obama as powerless, impotent, and completely ineffective and, as our leader, this is also how they see America and all Americans. Make no mistake, the East and the West are diametrically opposed. We are each other's antithesis.

Michael Hudson, a writer for al-Jazeera had wrote and published his views of Obama saying that the administration continues to fail to bridge the gap between the United States and muslims.  We can all agree that Obama’s performance has been “lackluster” and that Washington is fatigued and weighed down with inertia. Hudson noted that after the uninspiring speech on the downgrading of America’s debt status that Obama went to Dover Air Force Base to pay respects to the 30 Special Ops troops killed. Hudson stated that “this single loss avenges the death of Osama.”

Getting out of the ME in general with dignity is going to be problematic. In their history and culture anything less than a full and total smack-down is not a victory. Unless one side is subjugated and enslaved to the other there is no win. What does the West stand to lose by back-stepping out now? The loss of time, money, face and painful humiliation is what the West faces. Oh yes, we are still paying them for oil. In their eyes, we are retreating before winning. This means, in a zero sum view, that they see it as a win over the West.

Iraq, Obama is unable to decide whether to leave or stay while, every day, Iran is increasing its reach into the country. This, in spite of the intention that the U.S. would remain the barrier against the spread of Tehran

Al Jezeera says “The public is fed up with these costly involvements in Afghanistan and Iraq - but isn't it lucky that Washington can easily afford them thanks to our robust economy?  “ Yes, we need to STOP sending them our aid money and our oil money and develop ourselves now.

Upheavals in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria pose more perplexing problems and Obama chooses to lead from behind.

The advice of AJ is to get behind the ME and support pressure on Israel in a land for peace deal. But, that is exactly what they want and where Obama is putting the United States, behind the states of the Middle East.

Meanwhile, AJ journalist and bureau chief in Afghanistan was apprehended by Israeli authorities for being a Palestinian terrorist. The journalist, Samer Allawi, apprehended by as he attempted to leave the West Bank recently.

Meantime, Republican Rep. Ron Paul, a presidential candidate who has appeared on Al-Jazeera and, what they term, other propaganda outlets (Western Media).

Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, and now the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan all have vastly different backgrounds and experiences. They have some similarities in opinion, though. Stay out of the Middle East.

Some are saying the U.S. should become more isolationist, not completely, but more reserved in its outward dealings. Developing our own oil and gas resources would go a long way towards getting National Policy out of the Middle East. This would also stem the flow what is clearly the largest and fastest transfer of national wealth to other countries. This would also provide a huge boost to employment opportunities during the worst recession since the depression.

While veterans shake off their nightmares and move forward with their own lives, they undoubtedly look at the state of the Middle East and how Obama has gotten the country they love and served deeper into the sand, they fear for where things seem to be going.

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