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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

US Events Powders and Pipe Bombs

All these years later and people are still getting mysterious powders mailed in envelopes, why? Because fear works; that is the point of terrorism, to cause fear for a political gain.
[FOX19] OHIO - Hazmat called to P&G for suspicious white substance
"Cincinnati Police say Hazmat was called to the Procter & Gamble building in the 6000 block of Center Hill Avenue because of an unknown white substance in a package sent to an employee."
Read the full article:

[] OREGON - Tests: Envelope with white paste sent to lawmaker's Salem office harmless
"An envelope containing a 3-page type-written letter and a suspicious white substance was found this morning at U.S. Congressman Kurt Schrader’s office on State Street in Salem."
Read the full article:

Pipe bombs, any bombs for that matter, do not have to be large to have an impact or to raise questions as to the safety of a society.

[Nexstar Broadcasting] ILLINOIS - Pipe Bomb In Boone County
"A pipe bomb is discovered just outside of Capron late this morning."

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