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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Syrian Slaughter Is A Family Tradition

Since 1963 the Assad family has been conducting its own apartheid regime. The Assad family appears to be Alawite, a Shi’ia sect. I say this because, since 1963, Sunni’s have been the target of the Assad vulgarities and tortures. Hafiz al-Assad took over and scrubbed the military and intelligence apparatus of Sunni muslims.

It would appear that the State Department and the White House are tongue tied as to what to say about the Shi'ite violence against Sunnis in Syria. Where did we see this before ... Iran, 2009 or so?  

Foreign aid to Syria was only just recently halted.

“While the international trend is heading progressively towards promoting respect for human rights, the Syrian regime is moving against history and the spirit of the age, in a direction contrary to the Syrian, Arab, and international public opinion. Thus, the repressive nature of this regime represents the utmost setback to values and principles acknowledged by international legitimacy.”

Many of the articles and assessments of Syria’s human rights practices, including the current Clintonian State Department, use words like “poor” and “struggling” as descriptors. I use the term abysmal. Since 1963 Syria has suffered horrendously under an iron fist. For the UN to look at the last five months and urge, insist, and demand the violence against his own people stop is ludicrous seeing that the impotent international body knew of Syria’s apartheid policies and practices for decades, not years but decades.

This year al-Assad has slaughtered approximately 2,200 people. This number ignores the people who were tortured, raped, and worse. Amnesty International reported that during the period of 1979 to 1999 Syria used at least 38 different forms of torture. Of these forms of torture, water boarding and sleep deprivation are the least horrific used.

Opening an emergency session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Monday, Ms Pillay said: "The gravity of ongoing violations and brutal attacks against the peaceful protesters in that country demand your continued attention." It would appear that the victims of these attacks are largely Sunni and that the perpetrators are entrenched Alawites, a Shi’ite sect. Where else have we recently witnessed Shi’ites slaughtering there citizens? Oh, yes, Iran in 2009. Again, nothing said and nothing done.

"It's troubling that he has not kept his words," Mr Ban told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York. "I sincerely hope that he heeds... all [the] international community's appeals and calls." Troubling, to say the least; the impotence of the UN and the depravity which is being allowed to continue, paid for in no small part by US Tax Dollars, is troubling to the UN. It is enough to make me vomit.

In previous posts I pointed out the largest and most powerful voting bloc in the UN is comprised of OIC/OPEC states. On the Human Rights Council sit, among others, Jordan Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia which apparently voted in support of Assad. Again, the UN fails human rights and humanity.

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