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Monday, August 15, 2011


I am reposting this older one due to the UNGA this week and the UN's 70th birthday. I posted a quick comment with Politico at 

Now 70 years old the United Nations is showing the signs of aging. Hearing, sight, and memory are all fading for this organization. Its leadership becoming weaker as time goes on and formation of cancerous voting blocs within now hold sway.

Human Rights Watch wrote "far from condemning repression, Ban sometimes went out of his way to portray oppressive governments in a positive light". China, Burma, Sri Lanka have benefited from Mr Ban's lax hand.

The UN is midwife to the world's newest country, South Sudan. Why should anyone worry about the fledgling state of South Sudan? Since 2003 the UN has been trying to broker peace in Sudan and South Sudan. They have been impotent against the marauding janjaweed, an Arabic term that means devils on horseback. The border between Eritrea and Ethiopia is still not settled after the UN stood on it for nearly a decade.

Leadership of the UN seems to match the age of the organization, unable to do anything but condemn what it sees from its front window and remaining silent, or blindly unaware, of the crimes going on in its alley ways and back yard. The UN Police have proven to be an easily corruptible force in the Balkans. One by one, I saw and heard about, these police selected by the UN go into hotels and dance halls. One by one, these police would get pictures of themselves having sex with underage prostitutes and other victims of human trafficking. One by one, they turned mute and blind to the crimes around them.

UN Peacekeepers have been involved in rape, torture, and extortion themselves. How can such criminality exist in one organization unless the leadership is willfully looking away?

With the most powerful voting bloc in the UN being Islamic, what else is going on that the power base in the UN would want us to not see? Creeping Sharia has listed some eye opening incidents, in summary;
Categorized by theme, the rest of July’s batch of Muslim persecution of Christians includes (but is not limited to) the following:
Attacks on Churches
  • Egypt: Muslims angered by the installation of a church bell—under Sharia, churches must not offend Muslims by ringing bells—went on a violent spree, attacking among others a 5-month pregnant Christian woman and others who were “beaten with iron rods and pipes.”
  • Indonesia: Christians were forced out of a church building and hounded even as they tried to worship at the side of the road.
  • Nigeria: Two churches were bombed simultaneously; at least three Christians died, several were injured.
  • Pakistan: Under accusations of “blasphemy,” and with the help of a local politician, Muslims attempted to annex a Christian hospital established in 1922 by missionaries.
  • Tanzania: Muslims burned down two churches to cries of “away with the church—we do not want infidels to spoil our community,” and vows not to befriend “infidels.”
Sexual Abuse of Christian Women and Misogyny:
  • Egypt: Muslims “severely sexually harassed” a Christian woman in front of her husband at a bus terminal; when her husband tried to defend her honor, he was violently beaten.  Soon afterwards, thousands of Muslims in the region began looting and torching Christian property, screaming “Allahu Akbar!” and “cursing the cross.”  Also, a Muslim ring using sexual coercion to convert Christian girls was exposed.
  • Pakistan: Newlyweds run for their lives, because the man is Christian, the woman Muslim.  Under Sharia, the leader of the household, the man, must be Muslim.  Says a Pakistani Muslim scholar: “I condemn this marriage, I call it illegal, these two could be killed for what they did.”
Apostasy and Proselytizing
  • Iran: A Christian pastor faces the death penalty for “convert(ing) to Christianity” and “encourag(ing) other Muslims to convert to Christianity.” Even if he is found innocent of apostasy, the charge of evangelizing Muslims will still carry a severe penalty.
  • Saudi Arabia: A captured Christian pastor is set to be deported to Muslim Eritrea, where he faces the death penalty.
General Killing of Christians
  • Ivory Coast: Muslims crucify two Christian brothers on “the example of Christ” and in accordance to Koran 5:33: “The pair were badly beaten and tortured before being crudely nailed to cross-shaped planks by their hands and feet with steel spikes.”
Another young Christian woman in Pakistan has been abducted and forced to convert to Islam and marry her kidnapper. Despite a formal complaint, police did not intervene because the author of the crime is a “respectable businessman”. Local Muslim religious authorities also claim that the woman’s conversion was lega

The local Muslim religious leaders, Maulana Hafeez Aziz for example, praised perpetrators of these crimes against humanity as a 'pious Muslims' and 'true followers of Muhammed' having 'fulfilled Sharia', who had done an act that 'only a true Muslim could do'. Such conversions to Islam' are 'celebrated'.

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