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Friday, August 12, 2011

Growing Unrest in the Middle East

As the violence from the Arab Spring spreads, it comes to mind that it might, just MIGHT, have something to do with the foreknowledge that the US is pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Just a thought, but, onto the BLUF

Bottom Line Up Front
No real action will be taken against Syria until the UN has gotten permission from the Organization of Islamic Countries. When action does come, the US will be at the forefront and reigned back by other regimes.

The Middle East is now, always has been, and always will be, a violent mess. The so called "Arab Spring" brings to mind all sorts of lush, new green, budding growth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. World bodies, comprised of presumably democratic nations, stand and do nothing. The only action that is taken, be it in Iran, Algeria, Egypt, or now Syria, comes after the UN first goes through a regular series of steps to publicly "do something". It ends after the US gets called on by the UNSC to actually do something. When it was Lybia, Obama acted under the War Powers Act by putting us and NATO in the air and on the ground there. Now, with Syria five months into killings protestors, the UN continues to talk about and to consider what actions may (not will, but may) be taken.

On the UNSC are three bodies opposing stronger sanctions, sanctions that require unanimous support to be passed (no talk about enforcing, just passing) as a legal resolution. Those opposing the passage are Russia, China, and Lebanon. There is no shock that Russia and China, both of whom have strong records of making their own citizens disappear and die, are opposed to actions against Syria. So, too, is Lebanon. Lebanon is the proxy presence of Iran on the UNSC.

There are also reports that the United States has evidence of crimes against humanity that the Assad regime is now guilty of. Crimes which UN Secratary General Ban Ki-Moon says are very possibly real. These alleged and hinted at vharges are goig to be used as leverage, by the US, to get Assad to step down. To step down, ouch. That he gets to step down after committing crimes against humanity and slaughtering his own people is a sickening thought. Five months of killing his citizens and he could face the possibility of being asked to step down.

Considering the rally such a statement from the US would result in, this would likely come to the bloody and tortuous end of those who rallied at the words of our President. So, while the civilized world is "appalled" by the daily murder of Syrians citizens by their dictator Assad, the Ditherer In Chief waits for the OIC and the UN to let him off of his leash.Even while the impotent UN meets to talk about taking more action, Surians continue to suffer and die. Assets that the US can freeze have been. State Department personnel seem distressed that Assad cannot hear the call of the international community to stop. He can't seem to hear anything over the sound of the guns being used to kill protestors en masse. Leaders of Arab nations will continue to meet and discuss this uprising in Syria in their cool, clean offices and sprawling dining rooms, entreating their wayward cohort to be more gentle with his people.The nearly 2,000 people who have died during the last 5, almost 6, months will bear silent witness to the lack of concern for anyone.

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