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Monday, August 1, 2011

House of Representatives Passes Petrol Bill

For two years now, the Keystone XL Pipeline has been waiting for a decision from the White House. Obama is now poised to give a decision on this oil pipeline project. If approved this project could result in an estimated 138,000 jobs. That's right138,000 J-O-B-S, Mr. Biden. How much money would be saved by not paying those unemployment benefits? What's more, how much more could be paid back into the treasury by reasonably taxing those workers? Here is a shovel ready job, Mr. President.

The Canadians had decided that oil was oil, whether it is from the ground or sandy soil. I would imagine that, since the US is not exploiting its shale that Canada may have a rather good idea of what it is doing with it. It might behoove us, other than to have the thousands of jobs and more than $60 million dollars in oil the first year. Also recall one of the earlier posts on this site which talks about how the US and Canada are going to likely be the site of more than 90% of the world’s oil by 2030. This is not an insignificant number.

The Keystone Pipeline project is enjoying the support of the Chamber of Commerce, the State Department, representatives from more than 18 states in the House, and, quite easily, thousands of unemployed Americans who want to work. Just the construction of which is estimated to create 138,000. Job creation directly on the pipeline is just the beginning. There will be the need to maintain and repair it, to man and run the refineries. This pipeline would also buy time for the opponents of petroleum. Right now the evidence does not exist to support our nation going completely green.

The passage of this bill was passed was born out of, and reflects, the depth of trust that our lawmakers have in Obama. This bill enforces the North American Energy Security Act which requires a final decision from Obama this year.    

Even though the State Department has to approve for this to go forward the EPA has the veto power AND is calling for another delay in the project. The EPA and its supporters seem to have looked at the last few years’ domestic use of petroleum, down from years prior, and at the price gouging, ostensibly lead by OPEC to offset profit loss, and seems to feel that we can wait longer.

Certainly, the EPA has also looked at the dwindling reserves in Syria and the discord there and still feels safe in the rising costs of oil here. I am quite certain that all parties, including the Sierra club, appreciate the courtesies being shown to those hikers right now.  I am certain that the kindness shown to the people protesting in Tehran in 2009 and 2010 will be shown to the people of the US with future petroleum sales. History has shown the utter contempt and hate shown by leading OPEC states. In no way should we be in a position which can be exploited.

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