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Friday, August 12, 2011

Week In Review August 12, 2011

The bottom line is that, while the Middle East burns, Obama fiddles and dithers. What is he supposed to do? Not that I am a fan of getting involved in land wars in Asia, as I have been through some myself, the US needs to take a strong verbal stand against oppressing the people. That little tiff we got involved in around the mid to late 1700's? The American Revolution? Well, we need to look back at that and hold strong to the values which were written into the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

While Syrians are being slaughterd, and Somalis on the brink of starvation for the 30th year, the UN points to Britain and says stop the evictions. You ever see anyone shooting pool with a rope? Seriously, this week is a new display of impotence from the UN. Also, the member states of the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) is supposed to look out for the better interests of its member states. I suppose that it is no threat to any neighboring nation or member of OIC that the Shiite leader is slaughtering its Sunni citizenry.

Lebanon, Iran's proxy on teh UNSC, is going to side with Russia and China to form a block against taking action on Syria. Iran is going to continue to feed unrest in the Horn of Africa. They seem to have a nice position to sell weapons from and to watch, perhaps later tax, international shipments trainsitting the Red Sea and Suez Canal. In short, Iran continues to be, and will maintain this position, the festering boil on the buttox of the Middle East cross contaminating the mess that is on the Horn of Africa. Iran is also very interested n the many other natural resources it can get from other African states, which is why Ahmedinijad will continue to foster closer relations with countries across the continent.

Elsewhere child soldiers will continue to fight and die, people will starve under the grasp of terrorist organizations allwed too long to exist, and women will be bought, sold, raped, beaten, and killed all for the honor of a man. No one, not even the US, is likely to take a stand to stop these acts of terror. Why not? Well, sadly, the current administration is allowing the UN, which is at the beck and call of the OIC, to use us as a guard dog.

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