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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Threats to Religious Freedom in Post-Revolt Arab Nations

I originally posted this piece on September 4th of 2011. It continues to draw traffic, so I am reposting it today.

Clinton and Obama may appear to be making a statement in support of religious freedom, but do not believe that is so. What I think they are saying is that we should ignore dictators and how they treat their subjects so as not to bring religious intolerance to their countries. They point at the growing levels of intolerance in Egypt and Libya with a gentle nod towards Syria and Iran. They are saying that we should ignore what is going on in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and other similar countries (to include Somalia). Their claims of toppling dictators has opened various religious sects in those countries to intolerance, rather than the bigotry, prejudice, and fanaticism they have faced for generations. Check the timeline, you two, the term “generations” is cutting it kind of short, try centuries.
US Sounds Alarm on Threats to Religious Freedom in Post-Revolt Arab Nations
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration warned Tuesday of growing religious intolerance and violence in Arab nations undergoing popular revolts that could undermine fragile democratic transitions.
While the overthrow of longtime autocratic leaders in the Middle East and North Africa has given millions hope for freedom it has also opened up religious and ethnic minorities to new threats, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said. She urged countries not to “trade one form of repression for another” and to embrace the freedom to worship for all faiths as they embrace political pluralism for the first time in generations.

“In the Middle East and North Africa, the transitions to democracy have inspired the world but they have also exposed ethic and religious minorities to new dangers,”  Really? By bringing down tyrants and dictators and introducing freedom religious minorities are NOW being persecuted? What about the Christians who had their throats slit open on film in Somalia by al-Shabaab? Those attacks did not happen JUST because of “freedom from oppression”. How would she respond to the now six month old slaughter of Syrians sunni muslims by Bashir al-Assad? Is that due to a new found freedom?
“The people of the region have taken exciting first steps toward democracy, but if they hope to consolidate their gains they cannot trade one form of repression for another,” she said. She must have meant this in relation to Somalia. You know, the former al-Shabaab/al Qaeda senior leader turned miitant war-lord Inda Ahde is now openly and unabashedly stealing weapons, money, food, and other supplies from AMISOM forces and the national government of Somalia. To be certain he is also taking aid provided by both Iran and America, right Hillary? Please see and for more on this.
Since the beginning of the year, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have all ousted longtime authoritarian rulers and pledged to move to democracies. Rebellions are also under way in Syria and Yemen. The U.S. has publicly expressed concern about post-revolt sectarian violence and the treatment of religious and ethnic minorities in Egypt and Libya. It has also condemned attacks on religious minorities in Syria as the government continues a months-long brutal crackdown on opponents.
In addition to highlighting concerns in those countries, the report also took aim at abuses of religious freedom in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Iran and Saudi Arabia were identified once again as “countries of particular concern” for their records, meaning that governments there “engaged in or tolerated particularly severe violations of religious freedom.” That designation can bring about U.S. sanctions, but Clinton waived sanctions against Saudi Arabia, a key regional U.S. ally that forbids the public practice of any religion other than Islam. All religious minorities in Iran, particularly Bahais, Sufis, Christians and Jews, were targeted for discrimination in Iran, the report said.
Saudi Arabia, the seat of Wahabism, is now listed as a country of concern? Really? You mean, a country with a history of arresting people for religious views other than islam ( and raping & beating them while in custody) is now a country of concern? Why, then was the State Department warning travelers of the dangers and risks of going there in 2010?
Freedom of religion is neither recognized nor protected under the law and is severely restricted in practice. The country is an Islamic state governed by a monarchy; the king is head of both state and government. Sunni Islam is the official religion. The country's basic law declares the Holy Qur'an is the constitution, and the legal system is based on the government's application of the Hanbali school of Sunni Islamic jurisprudence.
The State Department lists one or two examples of why someone would go to court.
… closed court proceedings in capital cases made it impossible to determine whether the accused were allowed to present a defense or were granted basic due process, and there were reports that the government killed civilians in conflict.
The government reportedly announced 26 executions during the year, all by beheading. Death sentences for two women and one man convicted of witchcraft and sorcery were reportedly vacated.
With the basis of their law being the quran and the law is sharia law, how can she say these things about a society run by the religion of piece? Keep in mind that, while things in Saudi Arabia are dark for travelers, how must it be in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood has taken control?

How about other countries where we can see the peace and stability of sharia? Look at all that has been on the Evening News about Syria … or, how about Obama’s success with the Sudan/South Sudan accord? Alright, Iran is there with the regimes while they slaughter their citizens and Obama/Clinton are not vocal about that. Nor have they said anything about the Iranian supported discord in Yemen. Interesting, I have not seen much about Iran in Saudi Arabia, maybe that is because the two countries are at odds?

In earlier posts I made the assertion that Saudi is in a precarious position with Iranian led violence and allies to the north in Syria and Lebanon as well as to the south in Yemen. Not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood is no friend to the House of Saud, either. Saudi Arabia is in a tight spot.

While the Washington Post reports Clinton as saying toppling dictators leads to religious intolerance, I say religious intolerance leads to dictators and the introduction of free speech and press (also the internet) brings awareness of those evils to the world. I encourage you to search my blog for anything and everything to do with Clinton or Obama and their failed foreign policies. Yes, these are their failed foreign policies, they have done it together.

While we are on this, Hillary, Barry, let’s stop sending them money and aid since all that is only going towards further oppressing the rights which our country was built on.

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