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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is Iran Planning to be Seat of Caliphate?

Is Iran planning to be the central seat of a Shia caliphate? Iran is currently run as a calihpate. This is to recognize that the quranic laws are used in establishing all governing and social structures. The world has witnessed attgempts by Iranian leadership to purge all vestiges of Western culture, even to the point of allowing "honor killings" based on the claim of being "too Westernized". According to some research, Phase Three appears to be where the process is or coming to the begining steps. In saying this we can look to an already increased level of rhetoric and activities against Israel. Turkey is also going to come under increasing pressure and attacks. This is historically important as Istanbul/Constantinople was the seat of centralized power up to the begining of the Ottoman Empire. Phase 4 is to be the fall of hated Arab governments, such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi is closer to the West than most other arabic states and the most easily recognized. This phase has attacking oil suppliers to the US as key. It is recognized that the US does not have a sufficient infrastructure to recover from a loss of foreign suppliers. As our eceonomy falls and the West has lost all standong in the East there will be more talk about declaring a caliphate. Phase 5 the caliphate would be declared and followed by Phase 6. Phase 6 is an all out war against all non-believers. We have shortened the outline of getting to the endgame; however, the point is clear. Why would I say this is ongoing and that Iran wants to be the seat? What about Turkey? It was said, so the question is asked. In response, if Iran can take and hold Turkey and Constantinople than they would appear stronger than history. Oil?iran runs OPEC now. So, Iran is strengthening its ties with Syria, who is strongly in control over Lebanon. Iran has no love for Saudi Arabia. With Iranian allies to the north and anti-Saudi insurgents to the south by way of Yemen and Oman. Saudi Arabia is going to soon feel the squeeze of Iran. What about the Arab League? Won't they say something? They did condemn the slaughter by al-Assad. Iran has Syria who has Lebanon. Iran is tight with Yemeni terrorist insurgents in Yemen and Oman as well as Somalia and Eritrea. Can you see the belt tightening as we describe it? Ahmedinijad, the loon in charge of Iran, has stated that he wants to be the one who heralds the mahdi and the rise of the caliphate. Well, due to ongoing technical issues, this post is short. Tomorrow will be better detailed as we look into Iranian use of Syria and other nations in the East. These posts should be taken in context with previous posts about the Middle East and Obama's policies.

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