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Friday, September 2, 2011

Week In Review September 2; Syrai, Iran, and America

The West is worried about prolonged and ongoing violence in the Middle East.

The What and So What is that ur enemies are getting stronger and more numerous under the Obama administration while simultaneously mocking them.

The White House has worried that protracted political turmoil could provide an opening for additional influence by Tehran, as said in an article published at American Thinker. Turmoil, a synonym for chaos, is precisely what Iranian leadership wants! Ahmedinijad has stated that he wants to be the one to bring forth the Mahdi and, as explained to me by a Muslim cohort, for the Mahdi to return extreme chaos MUST exist. We can expect nothing less than that from a person who openly refers to violent martyrdom as the as beautiful and eternal art? "Is there art that is more beautiful, more divine, and more eternal than the art of martyrdom?" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then Iran's President-elect, mused in a television address in 2005. "A nation with martyrdom knows no captivity." Both Obama and Clinton actively believe that they can talk sense to Ahmedinijad.

Assad allows the Iranian backed terror group Hezbollah to enter Syria without the need for visas.

Assad follows the lead of Ahmedinijad by slaughtering his own people, using not just Hezbollah, but also Iranian Guard Corps (IRGC) personnel and equipment.

Lebanon, a neighbor of Syria, has been allowed to exist simply because they appease Assad.

The primary activity is a spread of both chaos and despotism by way of ham fisted and wholesale slaughter of their own citizens, extorting money from neighboring countries to not attack them, and openly supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Big deal, some might say. The big deal is that this chaos is also being supported by Russia and China, who are both permanent members on the UNSC and maintain veto power. More importantly, these two countries that historically and currently see the US as their opponent see an opportunity for them to strengthen an openly volatile enemy of the US and to profit financially while doing so. Where else in the world are Russia and China involved in ongoing conflict for a profit? All across Africa as well as along the India-Pakistan Border, talk about your war profiteers.

Tehran is actively exploring ways to aid some Shiite hardliners in Bahrain and Yemen. Tehran is providing gear to suppress crowds and assistance blocking and monitoring protesters' use of the Internet, cell phones and text-messaging.
Iran is helping Syria to crack down on protestors. Hezb'allah and Iran was helping Syria handle anti-regime protestors. US government has confirmed some of this information,

But the idea that the Iranians are criticizing President Assad at all is remarkable when you consider some of their own Revolutionary Guards are helping the Syrian president in his crackdown

It is time for the West to confront these brutal regimes and openly support the people. But how, how can the West even begin to that since the appeasement policy so broadly pushed by Obama and Clinton, that has so greatly been ridiculed by Assad and Ahmedinijad, do anything in the Middle East and not be seen as impotent, impudent, and annoying? As unrest spreads in Iran and Syria; their leaders will try to draw Israel into an unwanted war. The West MUST stand in solidarity with Israel.

It is a place to begin. The US administration would also do very well to quickly and actively strengthen ties within the Western hemisphere, also. President Chávez of Venezuela, who is assiduously expanding the western hemisphere bridgehead of his Iranian ally, will certainly bring Hezbollah and Hamas into the West.

In short, Obama "provokes little confidence" among our traditional good-neighbor allies in the Middle East and brings much for our adversaries to laugh about and crow over.

Between appeasement and delegating to the UNSC power to defend American interests Obama has said that the West is nothing as we won’t even act to defend our interests. What does the West stand for now in the eyes of the Middle East?
The Assad regime's abuse and murder of its own population, Syrian involvement in bombings in Iraq which have killed US Forces as well as Iraqi citizens, support for Iraqi Baathists, and its permissiveness toward Al-Qaeda in Iraq have not made the Administration reconsider its Syrian opening, and that violence works.

The What and So What
Our enemies are getting stronger and more numerous under the Obama administration.

The Now What
Start by cutting off ALL foreign aid monies going to countries that are part of the OIC, OPEC, and those which are currently standing in opposition to US policy and interests abroad. Stand stridently shoulder to shoulder with nations which support the US. History shows this is a strong start. The road to safety is not going to be pretty, clean, or smooth; however, due to the ruinous policies pursued by Obama and Clinton, it is necessary.

The Now What
Start by cutting off ALL foreign aid monies going to countries that are part of the OIC, OPEC, and those which are currently standing in opposition to US policy and interests abroad.

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