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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TSA Toppling Safety in America

A TSA Security screener has just been arrested for having over 2,000 pornographic pictures and videos of children. This simply verifies my earlier statements that the screening and selection process for the TSA is as flawed as the organization.
This collection of pornography clearly goes beyond the use of one’s badge to threaten or intimidate a driver who was simply going a little slow. Such as what one officer was arrested for in July of this year in Connecticut.
I cannot even count the number of agents who have been caught stealing items out of the bags of passengers. This was happening at the screening lines and, undoubtedly, it also took place behind the barriers of checked luggage.
Computers, personal electronics, cash by the thousands have been stolenArrests for rape, forcible abduction, hiring people who have served time for sexual crimes to do pat downs are just some of the security measure that have been brought to the American people.
Now we learn that the TSA is going to employ behavioral screening of passengers. What could possibly go wrong? Well, one drug courier who was going out of Buffalo directly benefitted. Trained Behavioral screener, Minetta Walker, had been helping a drug courier to avoid detection. Who else is the TSA helping to avoid detection? How many other threats to safety and law and order are flaunting the system by using the corrupt nature of the TSA to slip by while we, the people, get scolded, harassed, and thrown off of flights for simply asking why we have been selected?

Meanwhile, Napolitano and the Clintonian State Department have issued a nebulous and vague threat warning which begins now and continues through January 2, 2012. What?! Are they saying that the entire run of holiday seasons over which families travel and celebrate are a threat?
I think we all see who the threat to this country is.

See also

American Eagle worker allegedly stole another man's identity to fly around world

By Todd Wright and Janie
updated 6/18/2011 8:07:07 PM ET 2011-06-19T00:07:07
A bond of $1 million was set in court this morning for an American Eagle flight attendant accused of stealing another man's identity to fly around the world.

Jophan Porter, 38, was charged with six counts of identity fraud Friday and is currently in Miami-Dade County jail. He also faces multiple counts of possessing stolen or fraudulent identification and forgery.
Porter assumed the identity of Anthony Frair, who lives in New York and claims not to know the man, authorities claim.

Authorities said Porter is from Guyana and is in the country illegally.

In light of supposed tighter federal screening rules after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the FBI and other agencies are trying to figure out how Porter was able to beat the enhanced screening and be hired as a flight attendant.

American Eagle and American Airlines are owned by the same parent company.

"American Eagle is actively involved in the investigation with law enforcement authorities, including the FBI. Further information on this case should come from law enforcement authorities who are handling the investigation," an American Airlines statement read.

Porter was arrested at Miami International Airport and had several driver's licenses, a passport and a Department of Transportation identification card with the name Anthony Frair on them, an arrest report stated.

Porter had just got back to Miami from a London flight and was scheduled to work a flight to Dallas, sources said.

The real Anthony Frair was trying to apply for food stamps when he discovered the fraud and alerted authorities, the report said.

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