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Friday, September 9, 2011

Stop Funding the UN

Another debate is coming on Capitol Hill. This one relates to withholding funds from the United Nations. The UN has become an inept, impotent organization at best and a purveyor of rape and other crimes at worst. I say yes to withholding funding from the UN! In all fairness, the bill to stop funding to the UN is in relation to the vote on recognizing a Palestinian state, but why should the US pay an organization that;

·         Cannot decide on a final definition of terrorism
·        Cannot keep its own members (who have sworn to uphold and defend the sanctity of life) from slaughtering their own citizens (Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq,
·         Iran, China, need I continue?)
·         Is controlled by a voting bloc of states that are openly hostile to the US
·         The bloc that is hostile to the US also has numerous states which the US government is paying other funds to, see

I claim that there are ongoing crimes and a long history of such offenses by UN workers, let’s look at a few of these crimes; crimes that have been committed by an organization which receives 27% of its operating budget from the US and openly votes against US interests domestically and abroad.
Not counting all the UN police I had worked with in Bosnia who partook in supporting human trafficking and related sex crimes or the UN Oil For Food debacle or the UN International Atomic Energy Agency, here are just the first few of thousands of articles relating to the criminality and depravity of UN Peacekeepers.

1.     Wikileaks: U.N. Peacekeepers Traded Food for Sex With Underaged Girls
United Nations peacekeepers in Ivory Coast have traded food for sex with underage girls, according to a United States Embassy cable released by Wikileaks.
United Nations spokesman Michel Bonnardeaux confirmed that 16 Beninese peacekeepers were sent back to Benin and barred from service after an investigation confirmed the exploitation.
"We see it as a command and control problem," Bonnardeaux told The Associated Press. Of the 16, ten were commanders and the rest were soldiers.

2.      UN Peacekeepers Continue to Rape Children
Sexual misconduct by U.N. troops has been reported in a number of countries including Congo, Cambodia and Haiti — as well as in an earlier incident involving Moroccan peacekeepers in Ivory Coast.

3.     10 Muslim UN Peacekeepers rape 13-Year-Old Girl
The UN continues to employ and sanction child rape and trafficking. This is not new, they move the child rapists. Expect more sanction of sharia Obama relinquishes American sovereignty to the UN, driven largely by the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

4.     United Nations Should Be Accountable For Peacekeeper Crimes
The allegations, based on confidential UN sources, involve Pakistani and Indian troops working as peacekeepers.
The UN investigated some of the claims in 2007, but said it could not substantiate claims of arms dealing.
UN insiders told the BBC’s Panaroma they had been prevented from pursuing their inquiries for political reasons.
an 18-month BBC investigation for Panorama has found evidence that:
- Pakistani peacekeepers in the eastern town of Mongbwalu were involved in the illegal trade in gold with the FNI militia, providing them with weapons to guard the perimeter of the mines.
- Indian peacekeepers operating around the town of Goma had direct dealings with the militia responsible for the Rwandan genocide, now living in eastern DR Congo.
- The Indians traded gold, bought drugs from the militias and flew a UN helicopter into the Virunga National Park, where they exchanged ammunition for ivory

5.     UN Sanctioned Heinous Sex Crimes of UN Workers, Covered and Protected the RAPISTS KNOWINGLY!
UN told it ignored years of abuse by peacekeepers  Reuters
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday condemned for the first time sexual abuse among peacekeepers after being told U.N. members ignored such exploitation for decades, fearing exposure of their own soldiers' wrongdoing.
The United Nations has accused peacekeepers and civilian staff in the Democratic Republic of Congo of rape, pedophilia, and enticing hungry children with food or money in exchange for sex. Sexual abuse on a smaller scale was discovered in other missions.
A U.S.-drafted statement read at a formal meeting urged all nations to adopt recent proposals by a U.N. inquiry to end and prevent sexual abuse. But it says the countries contributing troops have primary responsibility for the conduct of their soldiers.

6.     United Nations: A Network of Pedophiles
Charles Johnson
Sun Feb 13, 2005 at 8:03 am PST
A French UN worker accused of child rape in Congo says there is an organized network of pedophiles at the UN mission: Explicit Photos Fan U.N. Sex Scandal.
UNITED NATIONS — A scandal about the sexual abuse of Congolese women and children by U.N. officials and peacekeepers intensified Friday with the broadcast of explicit pictures of a French U.N. worker and Congolese girls and his claim that there was a network of pedophiles at the U.N. mission in Congo.
ABC News’ “20/20” program showed pictures taken from the computer of a French U.N. transport worker.

The Obama administration is stepping up criticism of calls by some members of Congress to withhold or slash U.S. funding of the United Nations. Senior State Department official Esther Brimmer says such moves would be "backward" and would seriously undermine America's role as a world leader. Even though this call is in relation to the Palestinian calls for recognition of its statehood (which I do not recognize) funds to the UN should be stopped until the UN can police itself and actually uphold its claims for existence. Call your elected officials today and tell them to stop paying for rapists and thieves.

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  1. Many of the UN 'Peacekeeping' forces come from Third World countries. By enlisting in this military unit these people are able to earn decent salaries. The charges of rape and pedophilia are not a surprise. There is a lot more than that going on in the great divisions of the UN. The idea of nations of the world coming together to see peace is a good one and has held up for sixty five years. It may be time to rethink what is needed. There is a huge amount of waste in the organization, tens of thousands of people drawing salaries and not doing very much. There are thousands who are doing a lot - the people in the field and in the dangerous countries where they try to help overcome tragic circumstances. Some of us who are familiar with the system have become very disillusioned by it.