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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Been Hacked

Hey, folks! I am dismayed and excited to report that I have been hacked. Since there are some 46 of you following me and loads of people checking me out, I have to tell you taht someone has hacked my blogger and removed the Iran OPEC Oil posts as well as the Chinese UNSC profile report. Sadly, those pieces are not archived, but I can re-research them repost them again!

I want to thank you all for signing up and for coing back. You are the greatest! More to com ...


  1. Sorry to hear about the hacking and it is one of the dangers we face. One has to run close to the 'paranoid' it seems and do all you can to protect your site. We have enemies and take it as a compliment that you have really irritated someone or many out there.

  2. Patriot, I do see it as a compliment that so quickly my blog has been hit. It tells me that the missing posts were right on target. Gotta do some more digging in those veins!