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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obama Names Two Experienced Diplomats to Team As Problems Mount

Obama and Clinton naming diplomats to Sudan and South Sudan is probably not too intersting. Let's put it in perspective.
Bottom Line Up Front
Obama and Clinton are deepening international relations with a country that is murdering its own citizens, is being led by a president under international arrest warrant for crimes against humanity and war crimes, is currently on the State Department's Terrorism Sponsor Watchlist, and is maintaining close ties to other similar countries like Iran.
Background posts that Obama and Clinton have assigned ambassadors to Sudan and South Sudan. The issues that makes this non-news here in the United States are manifold and quickly complicated.
40 years of internal war continues today in spite of several treaties and agreements. Sudan, now headed by al-Basher who is wanted and under an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court (ICC), is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity for his direct and indirect rolls in the war. A war against his own citizens that is, right now, carrying out military attacks against unarmed villages.
Under al-Basher terrorist groups, including al Qaeda, came to Sudan to find refuge as well as training, supplies, and transportation. It was this support is why the State Department placed Sudan and its despotic leader al-Basher on the Terrorism Watchlist.
In many sickening and frightening ways Sudan and al-Basher are like Syria under al-Assad. More disturbing than currently murdering their own citizens is that, while Obama and Clinton share, sell, and allow al-Basher access to restricted weapons and dual use materials, more disturbing than giving millions of US tax dollars to a terroristic regime is that Iran is already in Sudan.
Obama and Clinton are currently carrying out a policy and campaign of appeasement while Iran laughs at the United States and furthers its own arsenal to use against us. Iran is currently killing US forces in Afghanistan and has been in Iraq since US troops first put boots on the ground.

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