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Friday, September 16, 2011

Army of lions lead by lamb

UPDATE: When I originally posted this the State Department had ordered all of its people out of Syria. I posed the question if it was to establish plausible deniability. Well, check this link and reread my post

On August 22 I published my take on the newly signed oil ban that was said to be a sanction against Basher al-Assad ( I had called that an empty action by an empty suit. I still believe that. This country burns more oil in one day than Syria exports in a year.

Yesterday Hillary CLinton expanded on her early instructions to US citiznes in Syria, she told them it was time to get out. This comes one day after Obama made his statement that regime change and overthrowing dictators leads to religious persecution within that country (

I want to recap the situation;
For six months Baher al-Assad has been slaughtering sunni muslims in his country with more vigor than previous purgings (see Syrian Slaughter A Family Tradition
At month five, August, Obama has said next to nothing about Syria while touting his success in Libya
In contrast, he signed an executive order banning financial transactions, business deals between the US/US Persons and the government of Syria
Yesterday the State Department tells US Citizens to leave

Meanwhile, there are calls from the White House for Assad to step down, but, not so that we would notice.It seems that most of what Obama has said and done in relation to Syria has been somewhat visible if 1) you knew to look, 2) you knew where to look, and 3) were paying attention. Why? Why is it that Libya had all the press while al-Assad continues on as the second generation of dictatorial butcherous legacy?

I said in What is in Syria That Keeps Obama Quiet? ( that the presence of Iran is what is keeping the administration quiet. Iran, in spite of one or two recent comments about a split between Ahmedinijad and Khamaeni, is still focused on destroying Israel and Saudi Arabia. Both parts of the Iranian government believe that this is the only way to go. Take a look at a map of the middle east. You will see that Israel is surrounded on nine fronts and that Saudi Arabia (no friend of Iran) is also surrounded with Iranian proxies in Yemen  and the Sinai Peninsula, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

With all the unrest why wouldn't the State Department warn US citizens living in the region? They have, as pointed out, but why is all this happeneing now? Slowly I turn and look towards Capitol Hill. Obama is no friend to Israel. Right now Israel and Saudi Arabia are surrounded by their enemies as well as ours. I think Obama is pulling back, not to get people out of harms way, but to get people out of the way. If there are no US citizens in the region to witness or fall victim to the coming rise of violence, then the administration can claim plausible deniability. If there are no direct interests in the area then we do not have to stop anything.

If there are no US citizens in the region to witness or fall victim to the coming rise of violence, then the administration can claim plausible deniability.

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