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Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama Gets Cosier With Iran

I have been concerned (frightened) by the current administration’s policies towards the Middle East. I have posted and considered the cultish and narcissistic nature of Ahmedinijad, the Iranian goals of bringing back the mahdi, and Iranian expansionism. I have also stated fairly clearly that I believe that President Obama is the Manchurian Candidate for Iran. This morning’s news releases do nothing but reinforce and strengthen that opinion.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Friday expressed regret over the fall of US ally Hosni Mubarak “while President Obama sat on his hands." This sitting on his hands, as I have mentioned several times, goes back to the Iranian uprising in 2009 when videos and tweets and facebook posts were coming out in torrents detailing a vicious crackdown on the people. This violent squashing of people demanding to be treated as people, as they are in the West, was stomped down with hobnailed boots of the regime and was supported by both houses of Iranian governmental leadership. Bachman should also say something about the ongoing slaughter and hobnailed boot-stomping actions of Syrian President, Basher al-Assad.

Earlier this year Obama attempted to put Israel on the US State Department’s list of State Sponsors of Terror; however, pro-Hamas Turkey is to chair an Obama backed counter-terrorism body. This panel is not to include Israel and is being done quietly, in the shadows of the UN General Assembly this week. This would likely be why Ahmedinijad is so openly welcome at the event; it provides enough distraction to allow this little CT group to get started. Turkey is not a friend of Israel and not much of a friendly place to visit, at least so the US State Department says. There are travel warnings and terror groups there as well. Aside from being pro-Hamas the country is trying to put down an uprising of the State Department listed group Kongra Gel. This group has a history of attacking Turkish officials, security forces, and villagers who oppose the group. Do you see this as being familiar? Try 2009 Iran and 2011 Syria as fitting the pattern. Who else is sitting in this group? Good question. Obama is willing to sit with OIC members Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among others.

Hillary Clinton calls this smart power approach to counterterrorism,” and described the founding group as “traditional allies, emerging powers and Muslim-majority countries.” I call it another attempt to subjugate the power and strength of America to its enemies.

In spite of all Obama’s efforts to be seen on the right side of modern Middle Eastern history amid uprisings and revolts across the Arab world, the White House has warned that it will use its veto power to block the Palestinians in the UN Security Council, provoking dire warnings from another long-term ally, Saudi Arabia. Now, with Iran in support of the Palestinian state I believe that the White House will want to support the vote. If this were to happen the Democratic Party would quite likely openly denounce Obama in light of his plummeting poll numbers. While there are those who see this as a game of numbers, I see it as life and death reality. The reality of it is that Obama and his friends in the East are neither friend to the West nor of America.

There item which truly puts me in the camp of Obama/Iran is that Obama is reportedly looking into putting a phone line in the White House which goes directly to Iran. Ostensibly, this line is intended to alert Iran to the presence of US ships in the Persian Gulf. Iran already knows where our ships are. Everybody knows where our ships are! There is absolutely no OPSEC (Operational Security) these days and no one recalls the reality behind ‘loose lips sink ships’. Bottom line, someone thinks that it is a good and prudent idea to have a direct phone line between the two presidents. During the Cold War this was done with Russia; however, the presidents who served, with the dubious distinction of Carter, used that phone line as a diplomatic and foreign policy tool. In this case I believe that someone else would use that line to use Obama as a tool.

This is a view which the mainstream media is not going to cover or report until they are forced to do so.

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