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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UNSC OVerview Portugal

A 2011 report from the State Department indicates that there is a strong respect for human life and dignity there. There were no reports that the government or its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings and no reports of politically motivated disappearances.

The worst thing that can be said of this country is that it is a haven for pedophiles. UK Mail Online writes about how children at an unnamed but very famous orphanage cringe at the sound of Ferrari’s arriving. They are sorted by deaf mutes first, screened and checked for STDs, then carted off in vans to the homes of wealthy pedophiles. Once there, the children may be drugged, given alcohol, or other harsh treatments prior to being sexually abused. The young Madeleine McCann disappeared, to never be found, in this country.

In September 2010 the BBC reported seven defendants faced a total of more than 800 charges relating to an alleged sex ring abusing children from the Casa Pia, a state-run network of homes and schools looking after more than 4,000 needy children.

They included Carlos Cruz, a former TV presenter; Jorge Ritto, a retired ambassador; and a former deputy director of the Casa Pia itself.

Carlos Silvino, a 54-year-old former Casa Pia driver, was the hub of the ring, and faced more than 600 charges relating to the abuse of children or procuring them for others.

Five other male defendants each faced between six and 48 abuse charges. One was also accused of pimping.

But a 68-year-old woman, Gertrudes Nunes, was acquitted of charges relating to the use of her house in Elvas, near the Spanish border, by the abusers.
The abuse at Casa Pia is said to have started in the mid-1970s, but was not discovered until 2002. (

I suppose that, with all that safety and beauty of the country, a few thousand children sexually and systematically abused is alright with the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

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