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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UNSC Overview, continues

Yesterday, I posted several items that are of concern in regards to human rights and security enforcement in a few of the UNSC member states. Those states reviewed were China, Frnace, Russia, and Colombia. The only real shock I had in that was the pervasiveness of abuse by police. The fact that China and Russia routinely put citizens through forced disappearance, while disturbing, is not a shock to learn. I believe that these two countries regimes will never change the way they conduct business internally. Colombia is simply one of the most violent places. Should these three countries be in positions that have them writing and voting on security resolutions, I think not. I have some misgivings on them enforcing the resolutions and acts, but that role would seem much more appropriate for the apparatchik of these countries.

Today, let's look at the US and the UK to round out the Permanent Membership of the UNSC. Bosnia, Nigeria, and Portugal will be the temporary members at which to look today.

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