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Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Nuclear Iran... Can Provide a Proper Backing for the Lofty Goals of the Arab Nation"

"From a geopolitical perspective, Iran holds the northern coast of the Persian Gulf while Saudi Arabia holds an important section of its southern coast. [Hence], Iran and Saudi Arabia are the dominant forces on either side of the Persian Gulf. Every day, more than 17 million barrels of oil pass through the Strait of Hormuz – one third of the global oil consumption. All the [oil-] producing countries in the Middle East depend on the Strait of Hormuz in shipping their oil to the world markets.
"Examining the status [of Iran and Saudi Arabia], one identifies two opposite scenarios that may occur: one in which peace and quiet prevail between [the two countries], and another in which tension and disquiet prevail. This underscores the necessity for rapprochement between these two leading powers in the region... 
"The emergence of a nuclear Iran is regarded as a fait accompli, and dealing with this unexpected state of affairs is one of the [most] important challenges facing the West. [Nuclear Iran] puts an end to the [nuclear] monopoly of the occupying regime [i.e., Israel] in the region, and can provide a proper backing for the lofty goals of the Arab nation...
"The reasons that necessitate rapprochement [between Iran and Saudi Arabia] in the Persian Gulf region are solid, and are much more real and compelling than the reasons that led to [the establishment of the European Union] in Europe. The most basic and important common denominator of the nations in this region is Islam... Great decisions require great leaders... The region's most pressing need is for rapprochement among the Islamic and Arab countries that will [enhance] their collective strength and [allow them to] pool their social resources in order to promote their national interests...
"Should Saudi Arabia tarry in taking the decision to join Iran, it could lose this coveted role to [our] Turkish friends."

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