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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

He stood in the darkness and screamed

I may be just another voice screaming in the night. If I am, then someone will hear me.

What this blog is about, MSMII (Main Stream Media Ignores It), is generally what the larger media outlets ignore, minimize, and otherwise choose to not mention.

For starters, what about the economy? Is everyone tanking and hurting? Not at all. Who is not hurting? Oil. Oil importers, oil producers overseas, oil cronies in office here.

With the big fear of security I am going to look at failures and succeses of the TSA. Also of intereste we can include the leading personalities of the TSA. Seriously, who are they? Who is watching the henhouse, so to speak. Are these overseers really trustworthy and qualified to keep us safe? The other part of that is keep us safe from what and who?

There will be a plethura of other topics posted. I will read each artucke prior to my posting it. I will read articles that others refer me to. I will even allow arguments and counter-points. These are welcomed here. If you S.I.N. I will call you on it. That means S-shift the topic; I-ignore the facts provided or ignore providing facts and verifiable information; N-name calling.

At the end of the week I intend to sum up the points and offer my analysis.

Thank you for fcoming in. Please visit often.

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