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Monday, July 25, 2011

UNSC Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Norway, Membership Quick Look

France is also a permanent member of the Security Council. I am probably not the only one to think that France is guilty of hairy arm pits, unshaved legs, and rude attitudes; however, it seems that Amnesty International reports that abuse by police goes unchecked, unpunished, and (as a result of the previous factors) under reported. "Procedures for investigating complaints against the police in France fail to meet standards required by international law." Apparently, insulting a police officer in France is a crime.

The UN Committee Against Torture had investigated French police and expressed concern over the persistent complaints and allegations of police abuse. My stomach turns when I hear this sort of Politically Correct blather that is designed to remove the people hearing it from the reality of the incident! In November of 2010 the European Court for Human Rights found France in violation of this after a 16 year boy was arrested for an identity check. He was "checked" so severely that he was hospitalized and unfit for work for 21 days. French police have been investigated by the National Commission on Security Ethics (CNDS) (I would like to say that again, Security Ethics!) for beating a 69 year old Algerian during a traffic stop.

France, UN Member since 1945. Our police will beat you to within a milimeter of your life.

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