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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UNSC Membership Overview, Germany

Germany has ratified most international human rights treaties. Reports from independent organizations such as Amnesty International certify a high level of compliance with human rights, while still pointing out several issues, in particular police brutality and mistreatment of refugees.

Police brutality appears to be wide spread. The court system offers little to no protection or recompense to the victims. At peaceful protests police have been videotaped attacking people who are already incapacitated.  This would include kicking people in the head after they are already on the ground and dragging people into custody by the hair.

The State Department has a kind view of Germany, stating that there is little in the way of human rights violations there. However, the UNHCR disagrees with Madame Clinton. Germany is a source, transit, and destination country for women, children, and men subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. Approximately 85 percent of identified victims of sex trafficking originated in Europe, including 25 percent from within Germany, 20 percent from Romania, and 19 percent from Bulgaria. Non-European victims originated in Nigeria, other parts of Africa, Asia, and the Western Hemisphere. The majority of identified sex trafficking victims have been exploited in bars, brothels, and apartments – approximately 45 percent of identified sex trafficking victims reported that they had agreed initially to engage in prostitution. Victims of forced labor have been identified in hotels, domestic service, construction sites, meat processing plants, and restaurants. Members of ethnic minorities, such as Roma, as well as foreign unaccompanied minors who arrived in Germany, were particularly vulnerable to human trafficking.

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