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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UNSC Overview Bosnia & Herzegovina

Srebrenica is the first thing that comes to mind. Due to its internal war, as seen with Colombia, human rights violations abound. It is estimate that there are up to 10,000 cases of human rights violations that are yet untried. There were Serb run prison camps in which Bosniaks, Bosnian citizens who identified as muslims, had been raped, murdered, and mutilated. At the end of the war one could travel around and find muslims who were missing the pinky and ring finger from their right hand. This mutilation left the survivors with a permanent Serb Victory Salute.

While in Bosnia I saw also that the Bosniaks were not innocent of crimes against humanity. In Bugojno all the Croat men and boys were rounded up by the Bosniaks and taken to the soccer stadium. After being held there, these inmates were executed. Old men right down to and including baby boys were murdered.

Bosnian Croats are not innocent, either. The Croatians in Bosnia decimated the town of Duvno and later renamed it as Tomislavgrad. A town in Bosnia named for the first crowned king of Croatia, a neighboring country.

Progress in identifying the whereabouts of victims of enforced disappearance during the 1992-1995 war remained slow and is obstructed by the lack of cooperation between the authorities of FBiH and the RS.

Perhaps, still repairing and healing from the wounds that were sustained during the war and certainly those from the iron fisted reign of Tito, putting Bosnia & Herzegovina on the UNSC was premature. Premature, if not downright misguided, is the kindest way I can put an assessment of this country being on the Council. A single country bearing two names, comprised of two opposing states (The Serb Republic and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), comprised of three divided religions is not a solid candidate for sitting on the council to decide security resolutions.

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