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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Week In Review 19 October 2012

Obama has been privately supporting a nuclear Iran since, at least, May of this year. The Wasihngton Post caught it and did an article about it. This news was all over the news in the Middle East. Just this week news outlets like CNN, Fox News have begun talking about it. In 2011 I talked about how likely this was. Both Secretary and former President Clintom have openly said this is a very dangerous situation. Secretary Clinton fears an arms race in the East. My guess is she forgot about Pakistan and India and their nuclear tap dance.

In 2008 Obama stood on a stage in Cairo and promised that Iran would not go nuclear on his watch. This close to November Obama would be technically correct; however, he will leave the next president a bigger mess than he received. What will it look like with a nuclear Iran and Iranian nuclear weapons in Iran's proxy, Syria?

Won't the UN say something about this increasingly dangerous scenario? I am sure the UN will huff and puff before it finally says something like, "Hey, you kids! Get outta my yard!" The UN was impotent before. America is only going to come up against more blockades in the UN and internationally now that Russian allies Azerbaijan and Pakistan are on the UN Security Council. The next administration is going to be completely stonewalled with Russia, China, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Togo, Colombia, Morocco, and Guatemala voting against the US the next administration is going to have more of a mess than this one received.

Perhaps now is the time to redo an infamous picture fromSoviet history. Now it will show the profiles  of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Obama.

The Appeasement Protocol did not work for London during WWII and it is proving disastrous now. According to the State Department attacking an embassy is an act of war against that nation. Appeasement resulted in nine acts of war against the United States that have gone unanswered, at best, ignored at worst. This response, which includes Obama and Clinton pointing fingers claiming it was not my fault, only makes our nation appear weak and disorganized.

One wonders why the charging station for a Chevy Volt at the US Embassy in Vienna at a cost of $108,000 was a more important investment than the loss of human life and millions upon millions of dollars lost in those nine embassy attacks.

Those countries in which our embassies were attacked continue to get tens of millions of our tax dollars yearly. Those countries which oppose us internationally, like Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, receive billions of our tax dollars yearly to develop their infrastructure while our infrastructure falls further into disrepair.

We, as a nation, must stop sending billions of dollars to nations that hate and oppose us, that produce and export highly sought after materials like oil and gold. We should not be paying for their despotism. This administration has shown that it is penny foolish and dollar moronic. The next administration is leaving a much larger mess for the next administration than it received.

That's this week. I cannot wait to see what Chairman MaiBama is going to do to us next week.

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