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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embassy Security Lower Priority Than Chevy Volt In Europe

In the months preceding the tragic and preventable attacks on US Embassies in Syria, Cairo, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya, Clinton and Obama put higher priority to building a charging station at the US Embassy in Vienna and creating jobs in China.

Testimony before the House Committee on Oversight andGovernment Reform illustrated that Obama and Clinton care more about green energy than Diplomatic Security. Back in May, while Ambassador Stevens and the Special Forces detachment on site were 4 months into their daily requests for more security, Clinton reduced the number of security personnel. At the same time, Clinton also authorized the purchase of a $108,000 Volt charging station for the US Embassy in Vienna.

During this time we are also witnessing Clinton authorizIng the construction of another Chevy plant, this one being constructed in China. Early on in this blog I detailed some of the abhorrent, inhuman, destructive results China has achieved by producing lead batteries. Generations of Chinese in some of that nation's out of the way villages are dying from lead poisoning. Lead poisoning from working in the plant as well as living in the now toxic areas around the manufacturing plants.

Obama's "laser-like focus" on climate change, which includes hundreds o thousand of US taxpayer funding green sweep of Europe and manufacturing toxic cars in China, gives no notice to the environment or to the millions of unemployed Americans. It is clear, at least to me,that supporting the rest of the world is more important than supporting and protecting America and its citizens.

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