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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Foreign Policy Magazine on Syria

From my experience in east Africa and in the Middle East, I would factor in the flights of Iranianplanes going into Syrai, and thregional uses of ceasefires as rearming periods. After this three day holiday I expect Hamas and Iraian supplies will be brought out in full force against "the rebels".

I have written several entries on Syria in the past, please check them out.


Syrian human rights groups say that at least 28,000 people have "disappeared" in Syria since the beginning of the 19-month long uprising, and some estimate the number of missing to be as high as 80,000. According to a director at the onlineactivist group Avazza, "Syrians are being plucked off the street by Syrian security forces and paramilitaries and being ?disappeared' into torture cells. Whether it is women buying groceries or farmers going for fuel, nobody is safe." The group plans to request an investigation by the U.N. Human Rights Council. Damascus has started to feel the strain of the country's civil war, from which  it had been relatively isolated until recently. Meanwhile, U.N. and Arab League envoy to Syria, Lahkdar Brahimi, has warned of regional spillover of the conflict. After meeting with Lebanese officials seeking international support for a ceasefire over an upcoming holiday, which Turkey and Iran have backed, he said, "The crisis cannot remain within Syrian borders indefinitely. Either it will be addressed or it will increase ... and be all-consuming." Brahimi's remarks came shortly before reports of Syrian and Lebanese border clashes.

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