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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embassy Attacks

Since 1958 there have been 38 attacks against American Embassies. Some articles state 44 attacks, but i have not seen that resource. I went to the falable, but often cited, Wikipedia.

Each of these, according to the US Department of State, is an act of war against the US. Of these 38 attacks 27 of them occurred in Islamic countries. This run of muslim dominated attacks can be said to have begun under Carter when the US Embassy in Tehran was taken on November 4th 1979.

In his book, Fighting Terrorism, BenjamIn Netanyahu states that the Soviets started supporting liberation fronts and seperatist groups by teaching terror tactics and providing the means by which to conduct terrorism. The fact of support for terrorism by the Soviets is supported by documents provided to the US by a Soviet defector, Pavel Stroilov. Stroilov was an historian and provided thousands of documents to the US. One included a statement from then KGB Intelligence Chief General Alexander Sakharovsky that " nuclear arms have made military force obsolete, terrorism should become our main weapon". This tactic as a tool of destruction supported by the Soviet Regume I can confirm as true. I have met and talked with Major Feneral Oleg Kalugen, former head of the KGB's counter intelligence and disinformation directorate, that the above are true.

How does this correlate to the recent Embassy attacks we have recently witnessed? Of the 38 attacks against our Embassies 23were committed by Islamist groups and in areas that had a strong population of Mslims, 3 were communistic liberation fronts, 2 were drug cartel related.
Based on the timeline the attacks perpetrated by islamic groups or in Muslim areas, this highl violent and disturbing trend seems to have really started under Carter's presidency. But what does this say? What does it mean?
The first thing it says to me is that muslim countries have never liked the US, Big shock there, considering that Ford saw the beinning of OPEC's oil embargoagainst the US and Carter lost face and the embassy. Since then open hatred and acts of violence towards America have become more blatant. In short, the Middle East sees America as weak.
In the Middle East there is a saying that the sick or weak camel gets killed. In their eyes, we are weak, we are unfigels, and deserve to die. These attacks, like the days of the Barbary Coast Pirates, will continue untill someone has enough fortitude to put the entire Mddle East on its collective rump. That kind of backbone exists nowhere within the current administration,

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