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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On The Cusp Of A Nuclear Iran

Iran has been pushing for nuclear capabilities for some time now, as we are all paimfully and frightfully aware. Even Obama has spoken to the world about not allowing Iran to achieve that level. While we all heard that statement, not everyone has heard about Obama's meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan about Iran. Which we will get to momentarilly. First, some background on this.

The nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty holds that all signees are permitted to enrich uranium to 3.5 to 5% for energy production and up to 19.7% for medical research only with IAEA approval and supervision.

In 2005 there was a moratorium issued by the IAEA on all uranium enrichment. This hits those countries that follow the rules and use nuclear power. Then head of the IAEA, Mohamed Elbaradai, pointed out that the world "cannot continue business as usual ,,, we are really talking about 30, 40 countries sitting on the fence with a nuclear weapons capability." This statement and the article it came from can be found at

This moratorium also had to do with an agreement between Russia and Iran whereby Russia was to provide Iran with fuel rods to be used at the Busehr light water reactor. Iran would then return the spent fuel rods under the supervision of the IAEA for oversight.

Under IAEA supervision. Does anone really believe that Iran would comply and not obstruct the IAEA? For all these years Iran has been ignoring IAEA and international calls to stop their enrichment program. Neither Khomeini nor Ahmedinijad would follow any guidelines put on them by the IAEA or any other international pressure.

2008 comes along and the world watches and listens to Obama giving a speech in Cairo. In this speech he states that Iran will not be permitted to gain nuclear capabilities. Now we fast forward to April 2012. Obama, as reported in the Washington Post, Obama met quietly Obamahad turned Erdogan into a messenger. The message was that Obama supported Iran's roght to have nuclear capabilities. A complete and nealy unreported reversal on his promise to the world that Iran would never have those capabilities.

September 11th and 14th, 2012 the world watches as US Embassies are attacked. US Citizens are murdered. Classified material compromised. All the sources involved with providing that information are likely dead by now. How much worse would it have been if the attacks on our Embassies in Bengazi, Tunis, Cairo, and Sana'a were nuclear, either dirty bomb or small device like the oy treanes Russia has lost accountability of hundreds?

A nuclear Iran is frightening enough. But for them to get there with Obama's aid? I say treasonous.

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